We sustainably manufacture green molecules that contribute to the wellbeing of humankind and the planet.

At Ajinomoto Sustainable Solutions, we produce green specialties in a sustainable and efficient way. ​

We have been specialized in green chemistry for over 75 years, and we combine our expertise in botanical extractions and access to fermentation with the latest innovative technologies in chemistry. We are a reliable partner for companies in various sectors, such as cosmetics, fragrances, food and feed. Our customers trust upon us to solve complex problems and create innovative products. ​

Next to our green CDMO services, our customers love the power of our gallotannins, which have been successfully used in food, animal feed and technical applications for decades. Our tannins are derived from natural sources and have a lower environmental impact than synthetic alternatives. ​

Combine these two services and we can say: “We are Ajinomoto Sustainable Solutions, your solution for a sustainable future!”​



Sustainable Solutions extracts botanicals to produce tannins and grape seed extracts, offering versatile solutions for various markets, including pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Our green CDMO Services

We deliver CDMO services for the development, scaling and manufacturing of fine chemicals based on sustainable chemistry​ from lab to multi-ton quantities.

We are dedicated to contribute to the wellbeing of humankind and our planet by sustainably producing green molecules.

Sustainable solutions

Why work with Ajinomoto Sustainable Solutions

  • =75 years botanical extractions, incl tannins production
  • =40 years biochemical synthesis:
  • ^of which 15 years biocatalysis
  • ^and 10 years continuous flow
  • =Diversified and trusted customer base

Dedication to Sustainability

  • Powered by 100% green electricity
  • Ecovadis Gold, ISO14001 certified
  • Transparent and collaborative to meet your climate objectives
  • In-house EcoPass-tool applied to every product in order to reduce the carbon footprint

Dedication to Quality

  • Robust QC and compliance systems
  • Full analytical release of every single batch
  • FSSC22000 certified
  • FAMI-QS certified

Dedication to Safety

  • Own process safety assessment labs
  • In-house toxicologist
  • ISO45001 certified